Swimming pools are some of the best additions you can make to your home. This is because you get to add on the value of your home as well as the beauty. Installing a swimming pool is quite an expensive venture but it is worth the hassle. There are various types of pools that you can install in your backyard or even indoors if you have the space and all come with specific prices. Therefore if you decide to install a swimming pool it is important that you know the various type that are available. Below are some of the pools you could choose from.

Above-ground pools

These are the easiest and the cheapest pools you can install. They do not require a lot of material or manpower to construct. In fact if you have a little experience in construction, you can install them on your own. All that is needed is to flatten the surface, and then you build a wall around it and plaster the floor. Finally you do all the plumbing and filtering and the pool will be ready for use.

In-ground pools

These are the popular and common new swimming pool all over the world. Unlike the above-ground pools, they are more appealing to the eye. Therefore, they are more expensive to install and they require a lot of manpower and professional skill and expertise. A deep hole is dug in the shape of the pool that you desire then it is laid with the material of your choice before the plumbing and the filtering is done.


These laying materials are in three forms, you could choose to use fiberglass, vinyl or concrete. However, the prices of installing shall vary respectively; fiberglass is the most expensive to install but also the easiest to maintain. Vinyl on the other hand is cheap to install considering how cheap vinyl is. Concrete on the other is also not as expensive to install but it is very difficult to maintain or repair due to its surface and permanent nature as compared to fiberglass.

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